SRKR Student Triumphs in National Master Orator Championship
SRKR Engineering College 10 October 2023

Amudalapalli Jayashree, a third-year Computer Science Engineering student at SRKR Engineering College, secured first place in the National-Level Master Orator Championship English Speaking Competitions in Hyderabad. The competition featured 126 participants from five states, and Jayashree was awarded a laptop for her achievement. The college community celebrated her success with a warm welcome on Monday, attended by Principal Dr. KV Muralikrishnam Raju, Dr. BHVS Lakshmi, Head of English and Foreign Languages, and Dr. M. Shankar.

Dr. K.V. Murali Krishna Raju: New Principal at SRKR
SRKR Engineering College 05 October 2023

Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju took on the role of Director, and Dr. K.V. Murali Krishna Raju became the Principal at Bhimavaram S.R.K.R. Engineering College. The college's leadership, under Chairman Sri Eswari Rangaraju, voiced confidence in the institution's national standing and dedication to future achievements. They expressed gratitude to the college's supportive parent community. The occasion also honored department heads, deans, teaching and administrative staff for their valuable contributions to the college.

'Mahasu' Short Film Triumphs with National Awards at SRKR
SRKR Engineering College 04 October 2023

During a campus event hosted at SRKR, a short film protagonist, K. Pandu, received several national awards for his exceptional work in a film produced within the college's ECE department. Notable accolades included the Best Actor and Best Actress titles, which were awarded to K. Pandu and Jai Lokeshwari, respectively. The film also garnered recognition for its outstanding cinematography and compelling storyline, further enhancing its prestige.

Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju: New Director at SRKR
SRKR Engineering College 04 October 2023

Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju Garu, who served S.R.K.R. Engineering College for 42 years as a professor, has transitioned from his role as Principal to the position of Director. Previously, he held multiple roles within the institution, including that of a Civil Engineering Professor and Head of the Civil Engineering Department. Dr. Jagapathi Raju's dedication and contributions have played a significant role in building the college's reputation. His new appointment as Director reflects his commitment to the continued development of the institution.

MECAP 2023 International Conference
SRKR Engineering College 26 September 2023

The two-day international conference, MECAP 2023, focusing on Materials Engineering, Materials Chemistry, and Materials Physics, concluded with Dr. Venu Reddy, Head of the Technology Research Center, presiding over the event. Renowned professor K. Vijay Krishna from IIT Bhubaneswar graced the occasion as the chief guest. The conference brought together students and professors worldwide to discuss the significance of materials in science and engineering. College authorities recognized Professor K. Vijay Krishna for his notable contributions to the field of materials. Various college administrators and department heads also attended the event.