SRkR Engineering College Collaborates with District Police for Helmet Distribution Campaign"
SRKR Engineering College 17 October 2023

In a proactive initiative to support the tireless efforts of the police department in maintaining peace, SRkR Engineering College, under the leadership of College Secretary and Correspondent Sagi Ramakrishna Nishant Verma, organized a helmet distribution event in collaboration with the District Police. District Additional SP AV Suba said it's important for the community to support the police. They handed out helmets to both police officers and sports enthusiasts at the college event.College Director Dr. M. Jagapatha and Principal Dr. KV Muralikrishnam Raju actively participated in the event.

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SRKR's Prof. Pavan Kumar Achieves Doctorate From GITAM University
SRKR Engineering College 28 October 2023

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Pavan Kumar, an esteemed member of our faculty at SRKR Engineering College, has recently achieved a significant milestone in his academic journey. Dr. Kumar, who serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics, has been awarded a Doctorate from GITAM Deemed to be University. His dedication to the field of physics and commitment to scholarly excellence have culminated in this prestigious achievement. Dr. Kumar's accomplishment not only reflects his individual brilliance but also adds to the academic prowess of our institution. We take pride in having such accomplished educators who contribute to the intellectual vibrancy of SRKR Engineering College. We extend our heartiest congratulations to Dr. Pavan Kumar on this remarkable accomplishment and look forward to his continued contributions to the academic community.

Celebrating The Birthday Of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
SRKR Engineering College 31 October 2023

In commemoration of the birth anniversary of the Iron Man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the National Service Scheme (NSS) students of SRKR Engineering College organized a vibrant rally on our campus. With unwavering enthusiasm and a deep sense of patriotism, the NSS volunteers gathered to pay tribute to this visionary leader, who played a pivotal role in the integration of our nation. The rally, characterized by spirited marches and patriotic fervor, aimed to celebrate the values of unity, integrity, and leadership that Sardar Patel exemplified throughout his life. The event not only served as a fitting tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel but also instilled a sense of national pride and unity among the participants. It reflects our dedication to fostering not just academic excellence but also a deep sense of responsibility and patriotism among our students.

Victory At JNTUK Central Zone Basketball Championship
SRKR Engineering College 01 November 2023

We are elated to share the exhilarating news of our students outstanding achievement at the JNTUK Central Zone Basketball Championship held at Lakkireddy Bali Reddy Engineering College. The spirited athletes from SRKR Engineering College demonstrated exceptional skill, teamwork, and determination, securing the coveted championship title. Their stellar performance not only showcased their prowess on the basketball court but also reflected the rigorous training and commitment they invested in the sport. This triumph stands as a testament to the athletic excellence and sportsmanship fostered within our institution. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winning team and express gratitude to the coaches and supporters who played an instrumental role in this remarkable achievement. This victory not only brings pride to SRKR Engineering College but also reinforces our commitment to nurturing holistic development and excellence in all endeavors.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence International Conference At SRKR Engineering College
SRKR Engineering College 02 November 2023

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Advanced Artificial Intelligence International Conference hosted by the Computer Science and Engineering Department at SRKR Engineering College. Set to take place in December, this conference promises to be a dynamic and intellectually stimulating platform for researchers, academicians, and industry experts from around the globe. The event will showcase cutting-edge advancements in the field of artificial intelligence, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange. Attendees can anticipate engaging keynote sessions, insightful panel discussions, and paper presentations that delve into the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in AI. Join us as we push the boundaries of artificial intelligence and explore the transformative impact it has on diverse industries. Be part of this exciting endeavor to shape the future of AI. Stay tuned for further details on this intellectually enriching conference that promises to be a landmark event in the realm of artificial intelligence