SRKR Bhimavaram Republic Day Celebrations.
SRKR Engineering College 26 January 2024

On January 26, SRKR Engineering College in Bhimavaram celebrated Republic Day with patriotic dances and songs. Mr. Ramakrishna Nishanth Varma, the college's Secretary, highlighted the youth's crucial role in advancing the country. He urged a balance between progress and agricultural contributions. Emphasizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 2047 development vision, he called for unity. Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju, the Director, Dr. K.V. Muralikrishna Raju, the Principal, and students actively participated. The event showcased various cultural performances, symbolizing unity and patriotism. Mr. Nishanth Varma urged youth to use their skills for India's global leadership. The program concluded with a call for collective efforts towards ambitious national goals.

Former IIT Delhi Director Emphasizes Lucrative Opportunities in Core Engineering Globally
SRKR Engineering College 11 January 2024

Former IIT Delhi director, Prof. V.S. Raju, highlighted the global significance of core disciplines like electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineering, citing lucrative salaries and substantial growth in aerospace and defense sectors over the last 15 years. Speaking at an event in Bhimavaram, he urged engineering faculty to prioritize these core groups. Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju, Director of S.R.K.R Engineering College, presided over the program. Prof. V.S. Raju praised the progress in Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering, mentioning experts like V.A.R. Raju, P.S. Raju, and D.R. Prasad Raju. He acknowledged contributions from Dr. Jagapathi Raju and Dr. P.A. Ramakrishnam Raju from various institutions, enhancing the academic landscape in the city.

SRKR Proudly Shines in Global Construction Landscape
SRKR Engineering College 12 January 2024

Sagi Rama Krishnam Raju Eng is thrilled to share the remarkable achievements of its esteemed alumni, Mr. VR Raju, Senior Vice President at the renowned infrastructure company, "A E Co." Mr. Raju is currently spearheading the construction of the Atal Setu Bridge, showcasing his dedication and expertise in the field. Expressing his gratitude, Mr. Raju conveyed to his college mentors that his alma mater played a pivotal role in shaping his career. He highlighted the collective joy shared by the college community as they bask in the honor of contributing to such a significant project. Notably, the college's Civil Engineering Alumni have previously made impactful contributions to prestigious projects like the Polavaram Project, Mission Kakatiya, and Mission Bhagiratha. "SRKR takes pride in producing exceptional civil engineering talents that actively participate in global engineering projects," Mr. Raju emphasized during the conversation. It is indeed a rare feat for a college to have its alumni involved in such monumental constructions. On this momentous occasion, the college extends its heartfelt congratulations to Mr. VR Raju. The College Secretary and Correspondent, Mr. SRK, along with Principal Dr. KV Muralikrishnamaraju and Director Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju, expressed their joy and pride in the college's role in shaping the careers of individuals who make substantial contributions to the field of civil engineering.

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Specially Arranged Badminton Courts Inaugurated at Women's Hostels to Promote Sports Spirit
SRKR Engineering College 21 December 2023

The President of college Sagi Prasadaraju garu, inaugurated newly set up shuttle badminton courts at the women's hostels on Wednesday morning. Expressing his commitment to fostering a strong sports culture, he emphasized the significance of providing dedicated facilities for female students. President Prasadaraju garu conveyed his hopes for women students to excel in sports and achieve higher positions in education. College Secretary and Correspondent Sagi Ramakrishna Nishantha Verma garu, along with Director Dr. M Jagapathi Raju garu and Principal Dr. KV Muralikrishnarajulu garu, acknowledged the college's focus on sports, highlighting the numerous state-level competitions held in the recent academic year. The event saw the participation of College Governing Body Vice President Gokaraju Ramaraju garu, SV Rangaraju garu Hostel Warden Dr. K Kishore Raju garu, College Infrastructure Development Incharge Dr. BHIVS Ramakrishnamma Raju garu, Administrative Manager Chintalapati Dilip Chakraborty garu, and others. Stay tuned for more updates on the college's commitment to promoting sports and holistic student development.

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Proposal for Big Servers at College Level to Store Emerging Technology
SRKR Engineering College 23 December 2023

Professor Dr. S Bhattacharya garu from IIT Kharagpur's CSE Department, recently shared a noteworthy suggestion during the three-day International Conference on Algorithms in Advanced Artificial Intelligence (ICAAI-2023). Dr. Bhattacharya emphasized the importance of establishing large servers at the college level to store vital information for future research. He pointed out the challenges researchers face when future information prices are fixed, proposing the use of encrypted information on college servers for researchers' benefit. Dr. K Himabindu Jyoti, Head of CSE at NIT Tadepalligudem, encouraged students to focus on language translation with Artificial Intelligence. Reflecting on challenges during the Second World War, she stressed the significance of providing clear information, allowing experts from different countries to understand discussions in their native languages.

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