Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju Receives Lifetime Achievement Award from AI Medical and Engineering Research Society
SRKR Engineering College 04 March 2024

S. R. K. R. Engineering College Director Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Artificial Intelligence Medical and Engineering Research Society in Hyderabad. The special event, held on Saturday night in Hyderabad, featured former Director of NRSC Padma Sri B L Deekshithulu, Director of Hyderabad Care Hospital gynaecologist Dr.Manjula, and Janagama MLA Dr. P. Rajeshwar Reddy as prominent figures. They highlighted Dr. Jagapathi Raju's significant contributions to the field of civil engineering research, both nationally and internationally, during his tenure as principal at SRKR Engineering College, which has earned widespread acclaim. As a Geo-Technical Engineer, Senior Professor, and Principal of SRKR Engineering College, Dr. Jagapathi Raju's lifetime dedication to serving the engineering fraternity has been duly recognized with this prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award. Esteemed colleagues, professors, and well-wishers extended their heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Jagapathi Raju on this occasion.

Empowering Academic Growth Insights from SuperNova 2k24 Symposium
Civil Engineering (CIVIL Dept) 25 February 2024

"Former student of SRKR Engineering College, now Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at AP SRM University, A. Umamaheswararao, addressed students at the SuperNova 2k24 National-Level Symposium, highlighting the significant opportunities available through research and study in various engineering bodies, both domestically and internationally. Reflecting on his own journey from engineering education to overseas exploration and subsequent in-depth research analysis, Umamaheswararao emphasized the immense scientific discoveries that symposiums like SuperNova foster. Director of the college, M. Jagapathiraju, reiterated the importance of such events in nurturing academic growth and fostering innovation within the Civil Engineering Department."

The Significance of Core Engineering Branches, Empowering Innovation and Industry Advancement
Mechanical Engineering (MECH Dept ) 24 February 2024

Dr. D. Kondaiyya, the Dean of Academic Affairs at the Srinidhi Institute of Science and Technology in Hyderabad, emphasizes the collaborative efforts among engineering disciplines to innovate fundamental solutions to global challenges. The recent SANKETA 2K24 National Student Symposium, held at the Bhimavaram SRKR Engineering College Mechanical Engineering Department, witnessed engaging discussions led by Dr. P. Rammurthy Raju, the Head of Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Kondaiyya highlighted the importance of civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering in addressing societal needs and urged engineers to stay updated with advancements in computer technology. The principal, Dr. K.V. Muralikrishnamaraju, mentioned the opportunities available to students in various fields, including civil, electrical, mechanical, and electronics, leading to national-level employment prospects. The symposium also included drone workshops and attracted a significant number of participants, showcasing the college's commitment to providing comprehensive opportunities for student development.

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Indian Server CEO Sai Satish Addresses Students at S R K R Engineering College
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE Dept) 24 February 2024

Indian Server CEO Mr. Sai Satish recently spoke at S R K Engineering College, Bhimavaram, where the Computer Science Engineering department hosted the National Student Symposium at Spurthi 2K24 on Saturday. Dr. V. Chandrashekhar, HOD of CSE, chaired the event. Addressing innovative ideas in engineering, Mr. Satish advocated for solutions to societal issues through research. He highlighted India's success in using plastic for road construction as a global achievement and emphasized the potential for more innovation to yield remarkable results. Dr. E. Jagapathi Raju, the college director, stressed the importance of multidisciplinary courses, echoing the sentiment that research should align with societal needs. Dr. V. Chandrashekhar, HOD of CSE, mentioned the enthusiastic participation of students at the symposium, citing it as a platform for nurturing talent.

Innovative Research in Customer Services by Dr. M.V. Subbarao
Information Technology (IT Dept) 02 March 2024

We are delighted to announce the groundbreaking research by Dr. Mudragada Venkata Subbarao, Associate Professor of Information Technology at S R K R Engineering College. Dr. Subbarao has developed a pioneering approach in customer services, aiming to provide optimal solutions with reduced costs and a leaner workforce. Under the guidance of Dr. K. V. Murali Krishna Raju, Principal of the Engineering College, his research promises to revolutionize customer service practices, offering significant benefits to both businesses and consumers. Titled "Automation of IT Incident Response System using Machine Learning and NLP Approaches," his work, conducted as part of his doctoral studies at Andhra University, showcases the college's commitment to innovation and excellence in Information Technology. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Subbarao for his exemplary contribution to the field.