🚀🌟 Free Summer Training Camp at SRKR Engineering College! Learn Computer Fundamentals and Tools! 🌟🚀
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE Dept) 05 May 2024

📢 SRKR Engineering College Computer Science Engineering Department is excited to announce a free summer training camp on "Fundamentals of Computers and Tools" from 6th to 10th of this month. This initiative is directed by the department and led by Principal Dr. KV Muralikrishnamaraju garu. 🎉 The poster for this event was released by the college director, Dr. M Jagapathi Raju garu. During the event, Dr. V. Chandrasekhar garu, Head of the Computer Science Engineering Department, highlighted that this program is designed not only for students who have passed the 10th class but also for professionals working in various government departments and the private sector. The training will cover essential software skills, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint presentations. 📞 Those interested in participating are encouraged to call 9676355492 to register their names. The training sessions will be held daily from 9 am to 11 am, providing two hours of valuable instruction. 📅 Don't miss this opportunity! CH Ramanaidu garu and K Durga Bhavani garu will be the coordinators and resource persons for this program, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to enhance your computer skills! 🌟

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🚀16 Absent for AP ISET Entrance Test! 📚
SRKR Engineering College 06 May 2024

The AP ISET entrance exam held at Bhimavaram SRKR Engineering College on Monday was successfully conducted. Dr. N Gopal Krishnamurthy garu, Superintendent of College ISET Exams said that eight people were absent out of 150 in the morning shift, and eight people were present in the second shift as well.

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SRKR Engineering College Promotes Computer Literacy Among Youth
SRKR Engineering College 11 May 2024

SRKR Engineering College in Bhimavaram recently wrapped up a week-long training program on essential computer skills. Spearheaded by the Computer Science Engineering Department, the initiative aimed to equip youth with fundamental knowledge in MM Office, Excel, and PowerPoint. Around 50 participants attended the program, with Dr. KV Murali Krishnamraju garu, the college Principal, stressing the importance of computer literacy in daily life. The event concluded with a certificate distribution ceremony, where Dr. Muralikrishnam Raju garu applauded the efforts of the college departments in serving society. The success of the program, coordinated by faculty members Dr. NK Kameswara Rao garu, K Durgabhavani garu, and CH Raminayudu garu, highlights a commitment to fostering digital skills among the youth.

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📢 Developing Awareness on Social and Legal Issues Urged at SRKR Engineering College Conference 📚
Civil Engineering (CIVIL Dept) 20 April 2024

Renowned advocate and educator, Dr. M. Chitrabanu garu, emphasized the importance of cultivating awareness in social and legal matters alongside science and technology education. Speaking at a conference titled "Amplifying Women's Voice in the Parute of Justice," organized by the Internal Committee and Civil Engineering department at Bhimavaram's SRKR Engineering College, Dr. Chitrabanu garu stressed the need for vigilance. Addressing the gathering, Dr. Chitrabanu garu advocated for the utilization of legal frameworks such as the POCSO Act, Nirbhaya Act, and the Disha app for women's protection. The conference, chaired by Internal Committee Chairperson Dr. BHVN Lakshmi garu, aimed to raise awareness and empower students with knowledge on pertinent legal and social issues. The event also saw the felicitation of Dr. Chitrabanu garu, College Director Dr. M. Jagapathiraju garu, and Principal Dr. K.V. Muralikrishna Raju garu for their contributions to promoting awareness and advocacy. Attendees, including Dr. P.V.S. Lakshmi Aparna garu, Dr. P. Bhuva Neshwari garu, Dr. Sri Bala, Revathi garu, and others, actively participated in discussions aimed at fostering a more informed and empowered community.

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🌟 Ignites Innovation for Social Progress! 🚀
SRKR Engineering College 20 April 2024

Dr. M Jagapathi Raju garu, director of SRKR Engineering College in Bhimavaram, underscored the importance of engineering students' efforts in advancing technology for societal benefit. At a five-day project expo, students showcased innovative projects, including one using deep learning for quick brain tumor diagnosis and another aimed at automating oxygen levels in aquaculture. Principal Dr. KV Muralikrishnamraju garu urged students to conduct real-world experiments to refine their designs. The expo, organized by the Computer Science Engineering Department, received praise for fostering innovation among students.

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