Service Provided on the Name of Sagi Ramakrishnam Raju
SRKR Engineering College 13 August 2023

Sagi Satya Prateek Varma, the grandson of the late Sagi Ramakrishnan Raju, has committed to supporting the underprivileged residents of his hometown, Chinna Amiram village, in upholding the ideals of Sagi Ramakrishnam Raju. Recently, free spectacles were distributed at the foundation office following a collaborative free eye camp held last month with Gnanananda Eye Hospital doctors. On Saturday, 80 individuals in need of spectacles received eye examinations and eyewear, with some also slated for cataract surgeries. Principal Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju emphasized the combined efforts of Prasad Andako and SRKR Engineering Colleges, working toward fulfilling Sagi Ramakrishnan Raju's vision. Their shared mission includes providing free services in education, healthcare, and contributing to the overall progress of Amiram village. College Vice President SV Rangaraju, College Administrative Manager CH Dilip Verma, and local college staff actively participated in this program.

Mera Matti-Mera Bharat Green Initiative
SRKR Engineering College 13 August 2023

Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju, Principal of SRKR, led a tree-planting event as part of the government's Mera Matti-Mera Bharat program. Collaborating with the Pedaamiram Grama Panchayat, the NSS department of the college organized the event. Saplings were planted around the Pedaamiram Panchayat pond, with participation from various college officials, including Sagi Satya Prateik Varma, Dr. KV Muralikrishnamaraju, and Dr. R. Krishna Chaitanya, along with Pedaamiram Grama Sarpanch D. Someswara Rao and Deputy Sarpanch Javvadhi Kishore.

Memorial Merit Scholarship was Awarded to Sai Shankar
Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE Dept) 19 August 2023

Sai Shankar Pothana 4/4 ECE student at SRKR, received the Vadapalli V. Ramakrishna Memorial Merit Scholarship, worth ten thousand rupees. Principal Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju presented the scholarship during a special college event. The scholarship, established in memory of Ramakrishna by the 2003 - 2007 batch of ECE students, is awarded to the student with the highest percentage by the end of their third year. College Vice Principal Dr. K.V. Muralikrishnam Raju was also present at the event.

Oruganti Sundari Meritorious Scholarship for SRKR Students
SRKR Engineering College 17 August 2023

SRKR Engineering College's Eidara Satvika 4/4 CSE and Devuluri Rajarajeshwari 4/4 ECE were awarded a 25 thousand rupee cash prize each under the Oruganti Sundari Meritorious Award. This scholarship, organized by alumnus Origanti Shiva Bharat, recognizes the top performers in ECE and other branches every year. College Vice President SV Rangaraju presented the cash checks to the students during the ceremony, attended by College Principal Dr. M Jagapathi Raju, Dr. VK Viswanatharaju from the Alumni Association, and other dignitaries.

Bhoomi Pooja for Development Programs
SRKR Engineering College 12 August 2023

Sagi Satya Pratik Varma and the governing body members of SRKR Engineering College have officially announced their joint commitment to support the development of Zilla Parishad High School in Amiram village, Bhimavaram, in honor of the late Sagi Ramakrishnan Raju. A special ceremony was held at the school premises, marked by a puja, and attended by College Vice President SV Rangaraju. Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju, Principal of the college, revealed that this collaboration was established during a program celebrating Sagi Ramakrishnan Raju's 90th birth anniversary last month. The partnership has already initiated various programs, with plans for more future school development activities. Other notable attendees included College Vice Principal Dr. KV Muralikrishnamaraju, Dr. BHV Ramakrishnamaraju, CH Dileep Kumar Varma, Rambabu, V. Anuradha, teachers, and students.