Neurology Workshop at SRKR EnginCollege Highlights Early Disease Detection for Prevention
SRKR Engineering College 17 November 2023

In an informative workshop held at College on 17-09-2023 on the occasion of National Epilepsy Day, renowned neurologist Dr. Buddharaju Kiran emphasized the importance of recognizing disease symptoms early to mitigate its severity. Dr. Kiran underscored that early detection and seeking medical assistance promptly can significantly reduce the impact of the disease. The workshop aimed to raise awareness about epilepsy and empower individuals to take proactive measures. College Secretary, Sagi Ramakrishna Nishant Verma, commended the initiative of hosting medical experts who sensitized students on disease prevention and management. He expressed gratitude for the valuable insights provided by Dr. Kiran. The event included a felicitation ceremony honoring Dr. Kiran for his contribution to health education. College Vice President SV Rangaraju garu, Principal Dr. KV Murali Krishnamraju garu, and Head of English and Foreign Languages Dr. BHVN Lakshmi garuwere among the dignitaries present at the program.

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Global Conference at College: Focusing on English Skills in the Age of Technology"
SRKR Engineering College 18 November 2023

The college organized a two-day international conference named "Reflections on Contemporary English Studies." Experts from different academic backgrounds came together to discuss the increasing importance of English skills alongside technological advancements.Dr. BHVS Lakshmi, Head of English and Foreign Languages, led the conference, stressing the rising significance of English proficiency in our tech-driven world. Discussions focused on the crucial role of English in the face of advancing technology.Professor Anuradha Sudarshan from the University of Hyderabad highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach to English education. She pointed out that rural youth engaging in global competitions require English skills not only in classrooms but also in engineering colleges. Prioritizing language skills, she noted, can open opportunities for engineering students to meet global standards. On this occasion, College Secretary and Correspondent Sagi Ramakrishna Nishantha Verma unveiled the e-souvenir of this international conference. College Director Dr. M Jagapathi Raju, Principal Dr. KV Murali Krishnamraju, Head of English and Foreign Languages ​​Dr. BHVN Lakshmi, Dr. Satish Kukumar Nadimpalli and others participated in the conference. A large number of English teachers from all over the country participated in the conference online as well.

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Empowering Students With Technology
SRKR Engineering College 19 November 2023

C.H. Jayalakshmi, Sub Inspector of Bhimavaram Police Station, underscored the importance of responsible use of tabs provided to students from school to college levels. She emphasized that these tabs are valuable tools for educational advancement, urging students to refrain from misuse or negligence that may lead to challenges. The insightful session took place during a program organized in Kalla Mandal Kopelle High School, supported by the Women Empowerment Cell of S.R.K.R Engineering College, on the occasion of the World Prevention Day of Child Abuse. The valuable insights shared by C.H. Jayalakshmi serve as a reminder of the significance of responsible technology usage in the academic journey of our students.

SRKR Secures First Place In Chess At JNTUK Central Zone Tournaments
SRKR Engineering College 19 November 2023

We are delighted to announce that SRKR Engineering College students showcased exemplary prowess at the JNTUK Central Zone Tournaments held at Rise Engineering College, ongole, from November 14 to 16. Among the various competitions, our talented students excelled in the game of chess, securing the first place. Their strategic thinking, precision, and dedication were truly commendable, reflecting the high standards of sportsmanship and skill fostered at SRKR Engineering College. This triumph not only brings honor to our institution but also underscores the commitment of our students to excellence in both academics and extracurricular activities. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the victorious chess team for their outstanding achievement, and we take pride in showcasing their success on the SRKR College website.

SRKREC Facilitates Health and Empowerment
SRKR Engineering College 29 October 2023

We are proud to highlight the commendable efforts of Dr. P. Bhuvaneshwari, the Coordinator of the Women Empowerment Cell at SRKR Engineering College, and Dr. G. Revanth Reddy, a specialist in cancer. Together, they organized a conference on cancer awareness at Kopelle Government High School. This collaborative initiative not only demonstrates our commitment to community outreach but also underscores the crucial role our faculty members play in addressing societal issues. The college management wholeheartedly supports such endeavors, recognizing the importance of knowledge and community engagement. We applaud Dr. Bhuvaneshwari and Dr. Revanth Reddy for their dedication to spreading awareness about cancer and contributing to the betterment of society through educational initiatives.