SRKR College Receives Prestigious Awards from Sri Krishna Devaraya University Incubation Center
SRKR Engineering College 16 April 2024

In a momentous occasion, SRKR Engineering College in Bhimavaram has been bestowed with two esteemed awards by the Sri Krishna Devaraya University Incubation Center. The Director of the college, M. Jagapathi Raju garu, along with Principal KV Muralikrishnam Raju garu, proudly announced this achievement on Monday. The accolades come in recognition of the college's pioneering efforts in establishing the Atal Community Innovation Center, a testament to its commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among its students. The first award, the Best Startup Eco System Enabler Award, underscores SRKR Engineering College's exceptional contributions in nurturing a conducive environment for startups to thrive. This recognition highlights the institution's pivotal role in shaping a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem within its premises.

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SRKR Engineering College Researcher Awarded Doctorate for Groundbreaking Diabetes Detection Study
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE Dept) 03 April 2024

Reddy Sivashankar garu, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Engineering at SRKR Engineering College, has been awarded a doctorate for his pioneering research in the early detection of diabetes-related diseases using machine learning and algorithm technology. His study has significant implications for the timely identification of diseases associated with diabetes, such as retinopathy, cardiology issues, kidney failure, and liver diseases. During the felicitation ceremony, College Secretary and Correspondent Sagi Ramakrishna Nishant Verma garu honored Dr. Shiva Shankar garu for his remarkable achievement. College Principal Dr. K.V. Muralikrishnamaraju garu expressed his pride in the recognition received by their esteemed faculty member from Bijupatnaik University in Odisha. Dr. Sivashankar garu emphasized the prevalence of diabetes in India and its adverse health outcomes, highlighting the importance of early detection. He outlined how machine learning techniques and algorithm technologies have been employed to develop photo-type models for diabetes detection. The ceremony was attended by College Director Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju garu, Computer Science Engineering Head Dr. V. Chandra Shekhar garu, faculty, and students, who extended their congratulations to Dr. Sivashankar garu for his groundbreaking research.

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GATE Glory: SRKR Engineering College Student Shines Bright with Top 20 Position Nationally
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE Dept) 11 April 2024

B Nihar Ratna Konda, a student of the ECE Department at SRKR Engineering College, has secured the 20th position in the national-level GATE examination for admission to postgraduate courses, as announced by College Principal Dr. KV Muralikrishnamraju garu. In recognition of his achievement, Nihar Ratna Konda was honored by the college. Dr. N Udaykumar garu, Head of the ECE Department, commended Nihar for his dedication and determination to pursue higher education at reputed institutes. Despite graduating in 2021, Nihar's resolve to seek admission in esteemed institutions like IIT and IISC through his GATE rank showcases his commitment to academic excellence. Dr. Udaykumar emphasized that Nihar's success serves as a source of inspiration for his peers. Expressing his gratitude, B. Nihar Ratna Konda attributed his achievement to persistent efforts aimed at securing admission in prestigious institutes like IIT. His remarkable performance underscores the potential and talent nurtured at SRKR Engineering College.

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SRKR Professor Ravi Babu Receives Doctorate for Breakthrough Research in Computer Science
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE Dept) 12 April 2024

SR KR Engineering College proudly announces that Assistant Professor Devareddy Ravibabu garu has been awarded a doctorate by Acharya Nagarjuna University. His research focuses on the rapid recognition of images using Mission Learning Algorithms in Remote Sensing. Dr. Ravi Babu's work addresses a crucial challenge in computer vision—detecting objects in aerial view images. His innovative approach promises advancements in military applications, particularly in utilizing aircraft or drones for target engagement. Supervised by Dr. Atluri Srikrishna garu, his research, titled 'CBIR System Using Ensemble Enhanced ABC with Related Edge Cluster Clustered Pixel Extraction and Interlinked Future Correlation on Remote Sensing Images,' earned him this prestigious recognition. College management, led by Secretary Sagi Ramakrishna Nishant Varma garu, honored Dr. Ravi Babu garu for his remarkable achievement.

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Unlocking Potential: Head of Electrical and Electronics Department Highlights Importance of Research
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE Dept) 07 April 2024

Bhimavaram: V Vijayaramaraju garu, Head of the Department of Electrical and Electronics at Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad, emphasized the importance of research for all students. Speaking at the inauguration of the two-day Apoorva 24 workshop with alumni at Bhimavaram's SRKR Engineering College, Vijayaramaraju garu stressed that teachers should prioritize equipping students with technical skills and nurturing their critical thinking abilities in relevant subjects. He highlighted the pivotal role of teachers in clarifying students' doubts, particularly during project undertakings. College Director M Jagapathiraju garu and Principal KV Murali Krishnamraju garu echoed Vijayaramaraju's sentiments, noting the rapid development of the technology sector and the increasing demand for skilled engineering professionals. Vijayaramaraju garu urged students to focus on research to stay abreast of these advancements. Following his address, Vijayaramaraju garu unveiled the Triple EE Chronicle, a publication crafted by the students. The event was attended by College Vice President Sagi Withalangaraju garu, EEE Department Head BRK Verma garu, N Srinivas garu, Alumni Coordinator M Anil garu, G Harish Kumar Verma garu, and other dignitaries.

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