5th Master Orator Championship at SRKR
SRKR Engineering College 09 September 2023

At SRKR Engineering College, the 5th Master Orator Championship, hosted by the Toast Master International Club, was inaugurated. The event underscored the importance of technical students developing language skills for international competitiveness. Distinguished individuals in attendance comprised Dr. P Bhavani, Head of Engineering Chemistry; Dr. KR Satyanarayana, Dean of the Training and Placement Cell; and Dr. CH Rupa Jhansi Rani, Assistant Professor in the English Department. The competition saw participation from students of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, involving a total of 330 students.

Professor Yashwant Patil on Fostering Human Values in Education
SRKR Engineering College 04 September 2023

Professor Yashwant Patil of Maharashtra discussed the importance of teachers fostering self-confidence and imparting human values to students as part of the New Education Policy 2020. The event took place at SRKR College. He emphasized that teachers should serve as role models for students, guiding their life paths. The focus of modern education on skill development was also highlighted, stressing the need for students to adopt a broader perspective for societal contributions. Key participants included College Principal M. Jagapathiraju, Professor Sreeja Madhu, Professor Chandrasekhar, R&D Dean PA Ramakrishna Raju, and P. Bhavani.

Honoring Prof. Jagapathiraju Garu, the Esteemed Principal, on Teacher's Day
Civil Engineering (CIVIL Dept) 06 September 2023

Professor Jagapathiraju, a highly regarded educator with 40 years of experience, was honored on Teacher's Day at SRKR College's Civil Engineering Department. Dr. M Jagapathi Raju, recognized for his significant contributions as a teacher, civil engineering researcher, and college principal, received accolades from students. Dr. ACS V Prasad, the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, presided over the event, which also acknowledged Prof. Phani Kumar, PA Ramakrishnamaraju, and Dr. Prasad. The celebration included a cake-cutting ceremony and drew a substantial turnout of both teachers and students.

Workshop on Computer Vision
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE Dept) 02 September 2023

SRKR Engineering College announces a "Computer Vision" workshop on the 14th and 15th of this month, organized by the Computer Science Engineering and AIML Departments, with Dr. M. Jagapathiraju as the College Principal. Dr. V. Chandrasekhar, Head of CSE Department, and Dr. GNVG Sirisha, Head of AIML Department, participated. D. Bharanikumar, a software expert, will be present. Assistant Professor R. Sivakumar and student representative K. Leela Saipavan were also part of the program.

Sustainable Design Challenge in Aquaculture at SRKR
Mechanical Engineering (MECH Dept ) 31 August 2023

Dr. M. Jagapathi Raju Principal of SRKR, introduced the Sustainable Design Challenge facilitated by the Mechanical Engineering Department. A poster unveiling event occurred at the college on Wednesday. Dr. P. Rammurthy Raju, Head of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. K. Brahma Raju, Program Convenor, provided details about the opportunity for students from various colleges in Bhimavaram to submit design proposals benefiting Aqua farmers. These student-designed projects will be exhibited on October 14, with prizes of 25,000, 15,000, and 10,000 rupees awarded to the top three projects.